Generations will look back on our exciting times and recognize that this is where it began.  Much like the steam engines of old, we are only beginning to understand the potential unlocked by manipulating electricity with computers, languages and logic.  For the  past 20 years I've been amazed by the creativity, invention and innovation we bring into the world every day.

A Story

The shrill yet familiar sounds of a 2400 baud Wang Modem connecting.  Flipping through hand written pages of wire bound notebooks.  Finding the telephone number to connect to my best friends BBS.  Fans blowing, speakers clipping, an ESP 386 SX connecting with other pre-internet digital explorers.  Saving paper route money to pay for an off-brand SoundBlaster compatible sound card. Digital Research DOS lost in dungeons, exploring space stations, shareware zip files on floppy disks neatly placed in plastic trays.  

There was a time when routers weren't "smart".  When wireless networking was a distant dream.  Servers kept household closets warm and electricity bills high.  Internet hosting meant building a computer and driving to the local ISP to rack and stack. Perl and the local cgi-bin allowed for emails and forms processing.  And then came PHP, a language for the literate willing to learn, a language for the internet.  MySQL removed a cost barrier, allowing the curious something to find. 


Today the digital revolution is being televised on blockchain.  Pythonic principles encode all the lessons hard learned over years of developing assets for the information economy.  Low latency, high throughput.  Servers with no mechanical parts except the the keyboard, the last barrier between human and machine.  

On a journey, on the shores of the undiscovered county.  Smell the sea.  See a vast horizon covered in technicolor clouds and hear the natural sounds of a 2400 baud handshakes in the air.  Adventure awaits...